April G

Other Info

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor (PA: #PC008554), TLHT Licensed Mental Health Counselor (FL: #TPMC2139)

General Availability: Monday evening, Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and afternoon, Thursday afternoon

Specialties: Life transitions, Relationship issues, Self esteem, Young adult issues, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Intersection (and challenges) of spirituality and LGBTQ+ identity

Guiding Principle:I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to effect lasting change. My calm and open approach creates a space where you can feel safe and comfortable to speak honestly. We begin by exploring what has brought you into therapy and the challenges those issues have created in your life. By uncovering past patterns, you can begin to decide how to best move forward and assess what you want to accept or what needs to change, and start to heal from any pain those challenges have caused.

Additional Training or Expertise: Modern Psychoanalytic training, mindfulness training
Additional Professional Affiliations: Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis, American Counseling Association
Undergrad / Grad Schools: College of the Holy Cross, Boston College, Neumann University
What I’m most proud of in my work with clients:

Self esteem and relationship building…I have worked with many individuals who have gained a stronger and healthier sense of self and as a result have found positive and sustaining relationships with partners.

What inspires me:

Relationships…the connections between people, whether in a therapeutic setting or in my personal life, constantly inspire and encourage me.

What someone would be surprised to know about me:

I’ve travelled to five different continents.

Where I’m from originally: New Hampshire