Pricing & Insurance: LGBT Counseling Near Me

Where can I find quality LGBT counseling near me? LGBTQ Therapy Space has you covered.

Trying to find authentic LGBTQ therapists can be tricky and time-consuming. Whether you’re looking for individual therapy that fits your needs, or couples therapy, our LGBTQ counseling options offer you access to an extensive network of authentically LGBTQ therapists who understand your unique experiences. Invest in yourself, because you deserve it.

Quality LGBT Counseling Near Me

Individual Therapy

$155 per 50 min session

Gay Therapy California - Trans Therapy California - LGBTQ Therapy California

Couples Therapy

$185 per 50 min session

Free 10-minute Consultation

We invite you to schedule a free 10-minute consultation with your assigned therapist, to see if they feel like a fit, ask any questions, and decide if you’d like to schedule a session at a time that works for you.

Our goal is to help pair you with the right therapist that fits your mental health needs and goals. 

Can I use out-of-network benefits?

Yes! In some cases you may be eligible to use out-of-network insurance benefits. You will be responsible for paying for each session in full at time of appointment, and your provider will then provide a Superbill for each session that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How much will I pay for therapy using out-of-network benefits?

If you have out-of-network benefits, they typically will reimburse you for 60-80% of the cost of each session, sometimes after meeting a deductible.