Alan C

Other Info

Pronouns: he/him/his

Credentials: Licensed Mental Health Counselor (FL #17589)

General Availability: Tues-Sat, 10:30am-5pm

Specialties: Addiction, Self-Worth, Trauma, & Multiple Diagnoses

Guiding Principle: By challenging our unconscious and unhealthy beliefs (including those we might have adopted from cultural or familial homophobia), as well as behaviors which fail to do for us what we hoped they would, we can experience profound healing and get more of what we want out of life.  You deserve not only to be treated with respect, but to be cherished and celebrated, which will allow you to take back your power, heal, and grow.

Additional Training or Expertise: Over 3 years experience working with in-patient addiction rehabilitation, providing trauma-informed and cooccurring disorder care
Additional Professional Affiliations: Member of Florida Mental Health Counselors Association
Undergrad / Grad Schools: Franciscan University (OH) / National University (CA)
What I’m most proud of in my work with clients:

I’m most proud of working effectively with a broad range of clients from different ethnic, cultural, psychosexual, gender identity and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What inspires me:

I am inspired whenever I can be a part of accompanying someone through a journey of greater healing, happiness, and wholeness.

What someone would be surprised to know about me:

Most people would probably be surprised to learn that I still love playing video games!

Favorite movie: I have so many favorite movies, but a few I always enjoy are The Birdcage, The Matrix, and Jurassic Park.
Favorite book: For non-fiction, I always enjoy returning to the Tao Te Ching. For fiction, either The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Brave New World.
Where I’m from originally: Maine